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Outer Space Music

by Thomas Truax

Full Moon Music Club exclusive


Full Moon Surprise #6


Features recordings of a conversation between the Apollo 10 space module crew in 1969 as they orbited the dark side of the moon. These recordings -filed away as 'confidential' during the space race- were more recently made public by NASA. During this dark side passage in which they were out of radio contact with Mission Control, the astronauts discuss hearing strange sounds through their headsets.

Though what they heard may have just been radio interference, it ignites the imagination to think what it must have been like under the circumstances to hear this strange "music".

Additional authentic space radio frequency recordings from Cassini

Excerpt from NASA transcripts ('Snoopy' is the name of the Lunar Module):

102:12:53 Stafford (in Snoopy): You want some more brownies?

102:12:54 Cernan (in Snoopy): No.

102:12:56 Stafford (in Snoopy): [Garble] go hungry.

102:13:02 Cernan (in Snoopy): That music even sounds outer-spacey, doesn't it? You hear that? That whistling sound?

102:13:06 Stafford (in Snoopy): Yes.

102:13:07 Cernan (in Snoopy): Whooooooooooo.

102:13:12 Young: Did you hear that whistling sound, too?

102:13:14 Cernan (in Snoopy): Yeah. Sounds like - you know, outer-space-type music.

102:13:18 Young: I wonder what it is.

102:17:58 Cernan (in Snoopy): Boy, that sure is weird music.

102:18:01 Young: We're going to have to find out about that. Nobody will believe us.

102:18:07 Cernan (in Snoopy): No. It's a whistling, you know, like an outer space-type thing.


released June 10, 2017


all rights reserved



Thomas Truax London, UK

"Thomas Truax crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology, and a lifelong obsession with all things lunar. He travels the world performing with his "band" of bizarre self-made instruments including a motorized drum machine made with bike wheels and a souped-up Gramophone called 'The Hornicator', as well as his venerable guitar 'Hank'.
"Inventive and Romantic" -TimeOut
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