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Liquid Moonlight

by Thomas Truax

Full Moon Music Club exclusive


Full Moon Surprise #55


Liquid Moonlight

Young Dale Winkle
Stands on a corner
Looking sadly up into the rainy night sky

An ornate black carriage
Pulls up to the curb
Driving it is a large praying Mantis
Under a tall top hat and cape

Salutations little boy
He says with a big bow
My name is Daddy’O Mantis
And I hail from Atlantis

And I cannot help but notice
Those twinkles in your eyes
Are they, by any chance, for sale?

You see children’s tears are rich in nutrients
And I need them to feed my family
And I like to acquire them in, let’s say, the least invasive way
And, well, it looks like you’re just throwing them away

I don’t know what you mean
Says Dale
I’m not crying, it’s just raindrops in my eyes
I’m just waiting for the moon

Waiting for the moon you say?
On such an overcasted day?
No wonder you’re crying.
But hey!
No worries. I’ve got just the thing!

And with that the Mantis burst into a unique angular lively dance step

What you needs a little shot o liquid moonlight
Keep you sweetly tethered to our favorite satellite
What you needs a little shot o liquid moonlight
You’re gonna dream in melodies tonight

And from out of his tall black top hat
Daddy’O produces two small glass viles

One is clearly empty, but the other holds
A milky liquid which appears to glow in the dark

Daddy’O hands Dale the empty and says here’s what we shall do
You fill yours with some of your (throat clearing) rain drops

And I’ll trade you for this.


So Dale does as was suggested, and pushes as hard as he can to get enough rain out of his eyes to fill the little vile. And then they make the exchange.

With that the tall creature
Bows and bids the boy goodnight
Then turns and climbs back aboard his coach

Oh! The boy cries out as the coach pulls away, ‘What do I do with it?
Put a little under each eye, like a football player
And a touch behind each ear. Then drink the rest.
And then, for Gods sake, go somewhere dry!


released May 26, 2021


all rights reserved



Thomas Truax Birmingham, UK

"Thomas Truax crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology, and a lifelong obsession with all things lunar. He travels the world performing with his "band" of bizarre self-made instruments including a motorized drum machine made with bike wheels and a souped-up Gramophone called 'The Hornicator', as well as his venerable guitar 'Hank'.
"Inventive and Romantic" -TimeOut
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