Sonic Dreamer

by Thomas Truax

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    "There's always a feeling you're listening to something different, something knowingly funny, and something very very special.
    Thomas Truax is a unique performer, and already justly appreciated as a treasure live. Sonic Dreamer may just have the wit, invention and accessibility to be the album that garners him that same recognition as a recording artist." -Drowned In Sound

    "The waking dream of a creatively hotwired mind." - NARC magazine

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"Strangely addictive and of the most imaginative and innovative releases this year". - Melissa York,


released July 7, 2010


all rights reserved



Thomas Truax London, UK

"Thomas Truax crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology, and a lifelong obsession with all things lunar. He travels the world performing with his "band" of bizarre self-made instruments including a motorized drum machine made with bike wheels and a souped-up Gramophone called 'The Hornicator', as well as his venerable guitar 'Hank'.
"Inventive and Romantic" -TimeOut
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Track Name: Beehive Heart
I had an itch in Wichita
Turned to a pain in Spain
Thought I had it cured in Aberdeen
But now it's comin' round again

With your chrysanthemum eyes
And your nuclear glow

You just forget what you were taught
You just let it show, just let it show...

I've got a beehive heart oo-oo-oo0-oo-oo-ooo

This daily grindin' does my mind in but I've
Gotta pay those bills
Get up, strap that cross to my back and
Play the boss man's mule

Can't wait to see you Sunday
With your stigma and your style
I get so charged around you
My shoes come untied while I'm standin' still
I've got a beehive heart oo-oo-oo0-oo-oo-ooo

You're the circling black cat
And I'm the birthday goldfish that
Didn't quite get all those candles out
But honey I'm still making this wish

That all your planets line up in a row
And that your parents learn to let you go
And when you're lyin' in your bed 'cause you're feelin' low
I hope the silver moon shines through your window
I've got a beehive heart oo-oo-oo0-oo-oo-ooo
Track Name: It's All Happening Now
We come together it's an elevated train and that's a fine place to be
She's got me singing like a little tweety bird at the top of a cuckoo tree

It's all happening now
Hang on to your hats

Magpie flies with silver dollar, hole in pocket starts to holler "In this dark I'm blind!"
The room is warm and buzzin' tell me are we really cousins? I don't mind if you don't mind
Hey have you ever had a little voice way deep inside you screamin '"Dear God help me out!"?
It's not a noble remedy the dope the doctor gives me but I'm different than I thought
Not always like I want to be sometimes I'm different than I thought
This sea of Derby chimneys looks just like a cemetery, wonder who lives underground
Blue lights flicker madly as it turns 'em into zombies they don't move or make a sound
But somethin's 'bout to happen there's a whistlin' and a cracklin' and the whole town's blown a fuse!
And gradually the families start emerging from their dormantories settin' up the barbecues
Track Name: It Always Rains On Sunday
I had an off day so I took a day off
Called in to work and I gave 'em a cough
I drank by the river, had a chat with my liver
Weren't we the luckiest man alive?

I sat on a swingset and thought of those things that
Were ten times as good when I shared them with her
Like coffee, ice cream, Tate Modern museum
And chasing those bats after dark

I find it kind of strange
Though she says nothing's changed
It always rains on Sundays
It always rains on Sundays
It always rains on Sundays
Since she's been away

As we often did we just walked around
and marveled at all of the things that we found
The tide was so low so that we could go below
And walk on the dry river bed
We picked the best shells and stones
The ones that sparkled and shone
We kissed and we wondered whose were those bones?
We saw tucked away some cardboard hideaways
Homeless houses with river views

My room had become our aquarium
The world outside, our planetarium
When we went to the steam fair
It was like a dream there
In the carnival air we just didn't have a care
But now she's gone off to New York City
Temporarily to study
I hope she makes friends and finds company

But in the end I hope mostly that she'll come back to me
Come back to me
In the end I hope mostly that she'll come back to me
(Chorus repeats)
Track Name: (What's the Matter With My) Grey Matter
What's the matter with my grey matter?
What's the matter with my grey matter today?

Isn't it strange to be estranged
Deranged, changed, rearranged
And all because when you clasped onto her hand it just dissolved into sand

What was the name of that film again? And sorry what's your name again?
Don't show your fear and the bite wont puncture the skin
Have you ever found yourself an unfounded fear?
I'm telling you man, they're growing them out of every crack around here

Maybe I need more therapy, but that would cost more money
And if I had more money would I really need more therapy?
Stackin 'em up, knockin 'em down again...

The firmament over the infirmary holds firm and dry
But inside these walls the rain seems to fall all day

I wish you'd come visit, I feel like an idiot without you
The drawing and discussions and sing-ins mean nothing without you
The drawing and discussions and sing-ins mean nothing without you
Track Name: The Cannibals Have Captured Our Nicole Kidman
Emergency landing, uncharted island
Can you believe what the captain said
"Keep your heads on little chickens keep your heads on
No one in my party's gonna end up dead"

But we look so white against the black of night
And we wear our shaking nerves like jackets of fright
Can you hear that rhythm as they beat their bones
And we've got no reception on our mobile phones

Luke is peelin' off a leech and countin' his luck
But if we stand here in the sand we are surely sitting ducks
Look over there from where the smoke is issuin'
He says it may be human but it smells like chicken

The trees are all aflutter with the fireflies
But the way they move together may be human eyes
But we've got to go in because they've got our woman
The cannibals have kidnapped our Nicole Kidman
Track Name: Around the World With the Sexy Sigh
Who says that only children play
As Gin and Ginger light the way
Your finger lingers in her clay
She sighs a sigh that breaks the break of day

Out the window blows the sigh
And through the old oak tree it flys
Through the bees and past the birds
Who twitter as they tweet their words

They feel something between their legs
There'll soon be eggs, there'll soon be eggs
Such is the nature of the sigh
The sigh that rides on wind and sea tonight

It teases ladies having tea
Under umbrellas by the sea
It slips in and out of their slips
They giggle as they sip their sips

It plays upon the seamen's sails
It teases them like siren's wales
The jellyfish they undulate
The dolphins mate and procreate

And when it lands upon Japan
The sigh it boards a rush hour train
It whispers to the business men
Enticing them with racy thoughts of sin

And later when they're with their wives
Their sex lives take on whole new lives
Such is the nature of the sigh
The sigh that rides on wind and sea tonight

It bounces off an aerial
Which broadcasts out its magic spell
To highest heaven, deepest hell
Your little girl climbs from her well today
Track Name: Balancing On A Bouncing Wire
Balancing on a bouncing wire
While juggling bowling pins on fire
Touch the tears of the town crier
He swears his mother was a liar
He swears his mother was a liar
As trusty as a fortune teller

Marry me or fall away
Umbrella break the sunlight spray
Lets sleep beneath the canopy
Of a shady summer tree

Awakened by a broken dream
Things aren't always what they seem

Aren't we part of the same world?
I would hold you if you were cold

The strongbox has gone orange with rust
I know no longer what to trust
Descending like a wingless bird
I feel invisible, unheard

I'd hoped you'd lend a helping hand
Or maybe just a kindly word

Aren't we part of the same world?
I would hold you if you were cold
Track Name: Ode to the Olde Elderberry
Dear wise old elderberry
Wont you share with me your story?
Could it be as melancholy as mine?

You have lived through such a span of seasons
Bright a while but then what's the reason
It tends to go so cold and dark in wintertime?

Human advice says put your best foot forward
But being rooted you're just reaching upward
Even though you lost some limbs for a power line
You stand your ground and bloom so bright and fine

Bright and fine, bright and fine...

But then your leaves fall
Like you're crying
You go all skeletal
Looks like you're dying
Do you know even now that spring will come
And you'll be born again?

Sometimes I wonder if you're not a dormant rocket
That any day you'll blast out of your magnetic socket
The ground will shake, your roots will smoke
Your squirrels will fly
A burst, a boom, some crackling grass
And you'll shoot into the sky

Bright and fine, bright and fine...
Track Name: Post Post Post Modern
We're living in a tangle of electrical cable
Drinking til we're Caned unable under the table
It's all bottled up it's just gotta come out
If you've gotta vomit do it on a canvas make it shout: POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST MODERN oh yeah! Alright.

The corpse in the hall well it started smelling weird
So we moved it outside then the neighbors they were scared of us

I walked through the museum and it opened up a dream
So I turned it round again and put it in a magazine because I'm POST...

Just loafing round the gardens like the old Victorians
You're lying on the cracked marble under the fountain
Just watching those clouds roll and hoping they'll open
Then all those little rosy cherubs will come flying in
And the whispering begins
They'll witness as we sin
They'll be telling all their friends
Word'll get back to Heaven

It's easier to be anachronistic than it is to find the time to make
This time your own
Make this time your own
Listen to your beer listen to your beer...

I wonder what Duchamp would say I wonder if he'd stop to say "Check mate baby you've got nothing new to say because you're POST...
Track Name: Lonely Taxi
Hawaiian breezes blow the snow around
The Tiki gods are here to mend my mind
Dear God please help me am I going blind?
Park Slope is snowing in the summer time

You're beautiful you make me naturally high
So beautiful you make me want to cry

Oh yes I drank myself to outer space
But you, you'll get me back to Astor Place
You're fish and bamboo under neon light
You are a spring roll on an autumn night

Your light is on and there is no one in
Pull to the curb and now your door's open

Feels like I have been waiting years for you
The others all passed by and left me blue
You know for me you are the only one
So lonely taxi come on take me home