Audio Addiction

by Thomas Truax

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    "Thomas Truax is a feisty dreamer gadgeteer, songwriter and performer...capable of crafting some very potent songs, such as the wistful 'In Barcelonely'...and 'The Butterfly and the Entomologist' on which Truax is joined by cellest Pete Harvey and violinist Meredith Yayanos (both of whom appear on other songs too, along with a few other players) is the perfect blend of his moodily manipulated instrumentation and oblique narratives. It's poetically evocative and rich with melancholy, both by dint of its sounds and the texts..."
    -David Greenberger, Signal To Noise

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released April 4, 2005


all rights reserved



Thomas Truax London, UK

"Thomas Truax crafts rich, poetically evocative songs about insects, trees, technology, and a lifelong obsession with all things lunar. He travels the world performing with his "band" of bizarre self-made instruments including a motorized drum machine made with bike wheels and a souped-up Gramophone called 'The Hornicator', as well as his venerable guitar 'Hank'.
"Inventive and Romantic" -TimeOut
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Track Name: Audio Addiction
I must admit I've got this audio addiction

It's a serious affliction it's a life support system

I'd do most anything for the spiritual nutrition

That I find when I am lost inside my compact disk collection

I walk into work with my Walkman hair

A little disheveled and recessed from ear to ear

Might look a little funny but I do not care

With my soundtrack in my head I've got nothing to fear

I've gotta say I woke up blue but now I'm feeling born anew

Suspended in the phrases of a didgeridoo

Finding that song was like falling in love

I floated off the ground and I kissed the sky above

I am a slave To the audio wave

You scammers and you pushers and you street preachers

You snake oil salesmen and similar creatures

Keep in mind you might as well consider me dead

I'm in a world apart with these phones on my head

My audio addiction sends me on a mission

My Walkman and I we're going CD fishing

We're hanging out a lot around these record stores

Hey hey there Mister Virgin have you got a little more of that
Track Name: Inside The Internet
I used to have these friends

That one day up and went

Inside the internet...

And when I miss these friends

I just do a search for them

Inside the internet...

And now I see them through my looking glass

Floating like ghosts in their Ethernet

Their voices are memories

Their emails like letters from across the seas

I think about the times we actually shared

But now my Friendsters, they've got me scared

'Cause I might not even know if they'd died

Their web sites would still be hanging up inside

Inside the internet...
Track Name: My Wife Had A Dream
My wife had a dream

That I had a clone

And while I was away

The clone would keep her company

Upon my scheduled returns

The clone was programmed to go away

It went on like this for years

And we all lived happily...

But then one day came sad news

I'd had a fatal car crash...

Upon my scheduled return

The clone was programmed to go away

Upon my scheduled return

The clone was programmed to go away

But she didn't want it to

She didn't want it to...
Track Name: The Butterfly and the Entomologist
Out on the road I met a butterfly

She had a fantastic wingspan, almost two feet wide

She'd recently been injured and she could not fly

So she asked me if she could bum a ride

In the old shell of her chrysalis she carried her things

She tossed it in the back and stretched her beautiful wings

She sat there next to me with her front legs on the dashboard

Those wings folded behind her and her little head cocked forward

She told me her story, a price was on her head

This bastard entomologist pursued her live or dead

He'd vowed to hunt her down as there was a large reward

He'd captured her and drugged her and nailed her to a board

Her escape was narrow, she'd torn through her own wing

She saw my look of horror and she started to sing

"I'm going to a no man's land Because men and violence are intertwined"

Well, I see, I said.

But not all men are violent

I'm not a violent man myself

She laughed and said try not to get too attached to me

'Cause soon I will be well and I will fly away from thee

One night when we had stopped into a diner for a meal

She laughed and laughed about the plastic flowers on the tables

I started seeing through her eyes the passing desert scenery

She watched the birds and tumbleweeds

With fondness and with envy

We came across some sad road kill, a beautiful coyote

She sighed her butterfly sigh and once again sang softly:

"I'm going to a no man's land Because men and violence are intertwined"

Next morning as I came out of a Texaco station,

I saw she wasn't at the car, and I figured she had run

Then I heard her high squeal and I heard his low laughter

"You'll never out run me" he said, "you are the girl I'm after."

I chased down the sound to the side of the station,

She was cornered between the wall and a soda machine

I moved as if by instinct, I did it without thought

I clipped him and I kicked him

And I grabbed him 'round the throat

I pinned him to the wall and his eyes were bulging wide

I said if there's a next time I will see YOU crucified

With this I released him and he crumpled to the ground

The butterfly was gone again when I turned around

But then her little song drew our attention to the sky

Though with a certain lack of grace she had begun to fly

That was the last I saw of her, she never said goodbye

She just flapped off and disappeared

While singing with a sigh

"I'm going to a no man's land Because men and violence are intertwined"
Track Name: In Barcelonely
In Barcelonely

Reality is hitting me

I'll never sleep again without you

But that's okay

I'll go to a movie

And dream the roles we'd have played

And then I'll go to the ocean

And sit upon a giant stone

And watch the waves come crashing in
Track Name: The Fish (I'm Coming Home)
I'm gonna tell ya 'bout Tanya Montana

Open your purse strings and she'll take your banana

Her heels almost as tall as her beehive hairdo

She holds up the sky when she walks like she do

With her yellow glitter sparkling and her purple lipstick shining

With her yellow glitter sparkling and her purple lipstick shining

With her purple lipstick shining and her yellow glitter sparkling

They call her...

the fish

I'm coming home...

(He's coming home...)
Track Name: Lessons In Dressin'
Lessons In Dressin'

It all dawned upon me clearly

Hitting me quite suddenly

That everyone but me has now gone crazy

Then I thought my God, no wonder I've been having difficulty

Choosing something suitable to wear

To each day carefully consider

With one's form and with one's figure

How well this one will work with the other

How will this combo be perceived

Did you see that, can you believe?

And don't forget: will it work with the weather

And then you must figure out

What tonight will be about

Sex or business, maybe both together

And when you're finally comfortable

Be it casual or formal or rock n' roll

Then something must be done about

the hair
Track Name: When You Get Down
When you get down to fantasize

What kind of imagery hits your mind's eyes?

Is she blonde or brunette, is he black, bronze or white

Does he bathe in the sun, does she rise with the night?

Does he fuck like a lion or is he gentle and light

Perhaps it takes both to make you feel just right?

Gentleman, animal, powerful or mild

Do you lie there in his arms or do you both go wild?

Has she long hair or short, curly or straight ?

Is she bound for Badda Bing or is she stately and sweet?

Does she straddle your saddle and ride you like cattle?

While you boil her kettle by shaking her rattle?

Does she strip as she stands, does she slap your hands?

Does she come like she came from some exotic land?

Is he bald, is he bound, is he boldly big boned?

When you make him feel good don't he look like he's stoned?

Is he rough 'round the edges or clean as a whistle?

Does he blow like the bomb or does he cruise like the missile?

Has she got big bouncing boobs like balloons?

Built to burst from her blouse as you blow your bassoon?

Or perhaps you prefer the petite little breasts?

Shapely and warm and firm when caressed?

He brings you flowers and you talk for hours

There's foreplay to foreplay, there's hot and cold showers

Then in walks her mother, your fantasy's blown...

Or maybe it's only just begun?
Track Name: Swappin' Spit
Every morning before school I tried to make myself look nice for you

You pushed everybody's buttons

With your exposed belly button

I never approached you or said a word

I wouldn't have dared I was much too scared

But when your boyfriend crashed his car

And you were thrown into my lawn...

It seemed a million miles from right

But that didn't stop us from swappin' spit that night That night...

No that didn't stop us from swappin' spit that night

Then came the day you caught the bouquet

With me standing right beside you

That look we exchanged was the most deranged

Just like the one we now exchange each morning on awakening...

It seemed a million miles from right

But that didn't stop us from swappin' spit that night

That night...

No that didn't stop us from swappin' spit that night

With the boy all grown up and locked up in Rikers

And our delicate daughter off with those bikers

I look at you now and I wonder how

You stay with me in this broken down shack even now

It seems a mile or two from right

But that wont stop us from swappin' spit tonight


No that won't stop us from swappin' spit tonight...
Track Name: In My Dreams
When I was just a boy I had my own roller coaster

Built on to the roof of my parent's suburban house

When I got bored I would climb aboard it

Go 'round and around, and up and down

Sometimes that train would leap right off the tracks

And take me to the outer limits...

In my dreams...

I had my own house too

It was a lot like the Addams family's house

Every drawer was stuffed with money

And everything that happened there was funny

In my dreams...

You were trapped in a Victorian corset

And only I could free you from it

This happened pretty much every night

In my dreams...